Covenant Agreement Renewed

During the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines Diocesan Convention on March 8th our Caring for All Creation Partnership was renewed.  Canon Lance Ousley and Bishop Danilo Bustamante signed the document at the opening Eucharist of the Convention.

See the note below the photos for a summary of the visit to EDSP happening now.















Partnership Trip to EDSP Convention, Feb – March 2017

Dave Hanson’s trip plan (based on conversation with Dave, JB Hoover, Marilyn Imbach, and me on Tuesday, Feb. 14)

  • Dave leaves Friday, Feb. 17
  • Flies from Portland to Seattle to Seoul to Manila
  • On to Cotabato
  • Plans to spend 2 weeks in the field with Phillip and Bong
    • Phillip has replaced Gilbert, the original EDSP person to staff the position we created to implement the monitoring protocols Dave has developed for tree survival, growth
      • Purpose of monitoring is to get a realistic fix on the amount of carbon the various species of trees being planted sequester
    • Dave will develop a working relationship with Phillip, train as needed
      • Get into field to do measurements in older plantings that will help in determining growth rate
      • Tweak protocols as needed
      • Review records and download so can be used here
    • Nancy asked Dave to try to find ways to find out what effects the plantings are having on the ecosystem…number of birds and animals, changes in plant cover – perhaps involve students from Upi Agricultural College
    • JB asked that he also ask about / observe changes in water – were springs, streams more or less productive – did water supply last longer
      • JB pointed out from his experience that walking to the various sites was a good time for informal conversations – to listen to anecdotal reports of changes that those with him had observed – to take a broader “listening” approach than just narrow focus on the monitoring protocols
    • Nancy and JB both hoped that Dave could find out more about the rural clinic in Marges that had been built with the help of a millennium development grant through our diocese – Nancy to send info to Dave about this
    • We talked about helping St. Francis School and the Upi Agricultural College with technology
      • The first idea, to help set up small computer labs was put on hold when we recognized that internet connection was always problematic (for instance the Upi college had no internet available)
      • We wondered if cell phone labs were a possibility since, through Facebook, these device were connected with the outer world
        • Students could perhaps learn about the many education and business apps available
        • Something to think about and research
        • Dave has the skills to do some teaching
  • The group then spent time giving Dave lots of advice about what he ought to try to do at the EDSP diocesan convention since at that point we had no knowledge of whether Canon Lance would be there or not – he can now ignore that and follow Lance’s lead

Canon Lance’s trip plan (based on Nancy’s conversation with him on Wed. am, Feb. 15)

  • Leaves Sunday, Feb. 19 -Flies Seattle to Seoul to Manila
  • Holiday week scuba diving at resort south of Manila
  • Meeting Bishop Dan in Manila; accompanying him to Zamboanga for two days, then flying to Davao
  • Driving from Davao to Cotabato – will arrive 2 days before convention

Other details re Lance’s trip

  • Lance has met with Bishop Greg re the renewal of the covenant. Lance is authorized to sign but if necessary can bring the document back to Seattle for +Greg to sign as well
    • There are some changes that need to be made but we can address those later since the procedure for change is part of the agreement
  • Lance is taking a check for the carbon offset donations – about $7100 which essentially zeroes out the account (keep on contributing!)
  • There is money in the travel fund associated with the Partnership to reimburse Dave Hanson for his travel and incidental expenses
  • I talked with Lance about some of the ideas we had discussed in the phone conference on Tuesday evening – see those notes above.

ADDED since Feb. 15, 2017

Carolyn White of Saint Mark’s called. Her committee (Justice?) calling on Saint Mark’s to offset the transport of the limestone to clad the cathedral. Wants more info on how many trees planted per $25 (cost per ton of carbon) – an estimate from Bong – to use in the PR for this effort. Excited to hear that the partnership was still active.